Swedish Massage

The term “Swedish massage” has come to encompass an array of massage techniques that result in relaxation through the application of deep but painless pressure to bones and muscles.

Massage has been shown to provide to the recipient numerous benefits, whether physical, spiritual, or psychological. Here are five of the most important advantages of Swedish massage:

(1) Stimulates circulation

Because Swedish massage includes rubbing in the direction in which the blood flows to the heart, it has the tendency to stimulate circulation. If you have poor circulation, you might experience tingling, and massage can help alleviate that sensation. The effect of the massage is to encourage the flow of blood back to the heart.

(2) Relieves pain

Over one-fourth of Americans have a problem with some kind of persistent pain. Swedish massage is sometimes used to relieve pain in addition to or in lieu of prescription medications. In some cases, this type of massage can lessen stiffness and pain and even constipation. This technique has been known to reduce leg and back pain, headaches, chronic pain, and Carpel Tunnel Syndrome.

(3) Enhances muscle tone

Massage is especially helpful to people who for some reason are unable to obtain adequate exercise. Muscle fibers have inherent reflexes that can be hand stimulated by this type of massage. As a consequence of the enhanced muscle tone, you may be able to recover more quickly from muscle strain.

(4) Relieves Stress

Stress is a contributor to all kinds of illnesses. It can even exacerbate skin rashes, particularly those caused by eczema. Swedish massage relieves anxiety, distress, and tension. By increasing oxygen flow and releasing toxins, or even by just allowing you a much needed opportunity to rest, a massage can help you relax and thereby improve your health. Massage has been known to relieve depression, particularly in individuals who suffer from chronic fatigue syndrome.

(5) Emotional Benefts


While the medical benefits of massage are not as widely recognized as they might be, they are still obvious enough that many insurance companies will even cover the practice. Even though Swedish massage is not a cure-all for your medical problems, it has the emotional benefit of relaxing you, which can give you a better outlook on life. You’ll be amazed to experience how much even a mere thirty minutes beneath the hands of an expert masseuse/masseur can improve your day.